10 th Anniversary of Mosaic

On November 17th I had the pleasure of participating in the tenth anniversary of the multimedia magazine Mosaic. I´m glad to see a digital publication with a long life and  good health, but it is not a surprise to me seeing the enthusiasm of the editorial team formed by Laia Blasco, Carlos Casado, Ferran Giménez. Ferran gave an overview of the history of the magazine and said that the origin of its name comes from the Mosaic browser. I was surprised because I was a fan of this browser and I integrated it as a documentation system in a project that was developed in 1994. Laia presented the results of a visualization workshop. The students had made several plugins for WordPress that displays the contents of the Mosaic magazine over the past ten years. I was lucky to meet to Alberto Cairo who has just published the book “functional art“. I liked his talk, It is gratifying to learn from people like Alberto who study visual communication in a comprehensive manner from several points of view, such as factors of communication, aesthetics, synthesis, interaction, perception, brain, etc … and who can communicate it so clearly. I participated with a presentation entitled “The Internet witness” about how I have been observing the changes that have happened on the Internet over the last years. For those who are curious, it is accessible here: At night we had dinner with all the teachers of the UOC Multimedia department where we could share experiences and opinions. I had a great day and got a Mosaic T-shirt. I’ll wear it at the multimedia events.

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