† R.I.P. $IND€’$ ₤AW

(Title design from @mtascon’s tweets)

On the 2nd December 2009 the manifesto for “the defence of fundamental rights on the Internet” was born. For the first time I saw how Twitter users were organized to protest against the Law of Sustainable Economy, later known as Sinde’s Law.

I collected tweets with the hashtag #manifiesto and I published the analysis in March 2010. It had a repercussion in newspapers such as 20 minutes and ABC. I resumed monitoring this protest in January 2010, just the day when Alex de la Iglesia resigned from the Academy until now, when Sinde’s Law died.

Note: This dataset is not complete; I only monitored “Ley Sinde” and #leysinde, so I could have lost some tweets with other hashtags. However, I thought it would be interesting to see how this issue has evolved on Twitter despite the dataset is not being complete.

The following chart shows a summary of the last 10 months, and clicking on it you can access the interactive image.

Below there is a summary of the most popular tweets on 12/02/2011

(To see all tweets click on the image)


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  1. December 7, 2011

    […] † R.I.P. la ₤€¥ $IND€ – El 2 de diciembre de 2009 nació el Manifiesto «En defensa de los derechos fundamentales en Internet» y por primera vez vi en Twitter como se organizaban los usuarios para protestar contra la Ley de la Economía Sostenible que bajo ese nombre incluía lo que luego se llamó la Ley Sinde. De aquella protesta queda el estudio que realicé del hashtag #manifiesto que publiqué en marzo de 2010, que tuvo incluso su repercusión en prensa en 20 minutos y en ABC. Retomé la monitorización de la protesta justo el día que dimitió Alex de la Iglesia y ayer que la ley pasó a mejor vida he querido hacer balance. […]

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