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I had pending to share the tool that I used in the experiment hashtag #manifiesto and in the visual anlaysis of www2010 Conference.  @paco229 reminded it in this tweet: Francisco Georgepaco229 en su momento @congosto dijo que iba a publicar los scripts que usó para hacerlo #inp 8:01 AM May 19th via TweetChat I cleaned and documented the script for allowing people interested in twitter information to use it. The script asumes the input format is the textual mode of the service tweetbackup. It is written in python and allows extract this information from a set of tweets:

  • Authors and how many tweets they wrote
  • Words and the number of times they are used (it is possible to filter stop words)
  • Hashtags and the number of repeats
  • Number of tweets by day
  • Number of tweets by the hour
  • Url and the number of repeats, ranking of mentioned sites and shorten url services


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2 Responses

  1. Muchas gracias. Me alegra que haya sido de utilidad

  2. Excelente articulo, tuve al oportunidad de ampliar la información como no la recomendaste por twiter, buen articulo un saludo.

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