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When I wrote the posts “The Social Barometer” and “The Scandalmeter” I had to manually include the most popular tweets, then an idea came in my brain and it stayed between my eyes until I did it. After thinking a lot and overcoming a few difficulties, I could automatically generate a newsletter with the most widespread tweets every day with the elegant Twitter style.

At the head of  the newsletter  the sources  can be accessed that are listening to different subjects and clicking on them you can see in depth what is happening today or what happened in previous days. It will have a morning and an evening edition, this let you appreciate the influencers in different time slots.

It has been structured in two columns, the left one for “Social barometer” and the right one for “Scandalmeter“, so you can follow the thread that most interests you. The first tweet of each column will provide information about the “temperature” of each topic before displaying the selection of most popular tweets of the day, ordered from most to least propagated at the time the newsletter is generated.

The newsletter provides a “snapshot” of a specific time but the order can vary with time dissemination. It may happen that a tweet from a previous day with a lot of RTs doesn´t appear in the top positions because the order corresponds to the spread of the current day.

You can subscribe to this newsletter and receive updates using this RSS feed: It still has to be forwarded by e-mail but first I have to make some adjustments so that you can see the mail with the same design as in the browser.

In the next picture you can see the look of the newsletter. It will be tweeted by @t_hoarder at 10 and at 21 o’clock. I hope it will be useful for everyone.


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