Merry Christmas

2010 years ago, the trending topic was Jesus, a child who was born in a stable. He slept placidly in a manger between an ox and a mule. His parents, Mary and Joseph watched over him while he slept soundly. An angel tweeted the event and everybody in Bethlehem ran to meet the child. A star read the angel´s tweet and retweeted it. Finally the retweet reached the 3 wise men´s TL. They immediately travelled to give presents to Jesus. Meanwhile, in the Roman fortress, Herod read what the people of Bethlehem said. Of course @Congosto captured the tweets and this is the visual result.

pdf format

Dataset en formato gdf

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3 Responses

  1. Gracias Julen!!
    Es el prototipo para la felicitación de Navidad. Dudaba entre el árbol y el Belen, como en la vida real

    Felices Fiestas!!!!

  2. Julen says:

    Ohhhhh qué bonito. Felicidades por la originalidad.

  1. December 20, 2011

    […] año pasado tocó grafo-Belén, este año felicitaré con grafo-árbol de Navidad en dos […]

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