Rupert Murdoch, a case study on Twitter

Updated 2011-01-10 : experiment stopped on 2012-01-10 at 15:30, due to low growth of followers For a while now I have been thinking about displaying experiments dynamically. Thanks to a suggestion from Alfonso Romay on Twitter, I decided to take that step:

The result has been some interactive graphs to show Rupert Murdoch’s followers growth on Twitter every five minutes

  • The first graph shows the cumulative followers to the present time
  • The second shows the followers per unit of time. The smaller unit is a minute. The graph allows a zoom from 1 minute to a year. If you move your mouse over, the number of followers with the date and time shown in the upper right corner

Both graphs are made with Google visualization API. Note: On January 3, from 20 to 22 there isn’t any measure by time unit due to a mistake copying files.
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