Spain Twitterline 2012

The year 2012 is full of events in Spain and Twitter shows people’s reaction to them. Since early this year I have been collecting information from different topics, and I thought it would be interesting to integrate all these measures on an automatic Twitterline event / reaction. As a result I have reorganized t-hoarder to display a foreground Twitterline 2012 and allow from it to access to each of the experiments that comprise it.

The daily reaction to events has been measured by the different users who have opined on the issues and by the volume of tweets generated. The following graphs show the interactive users and tweets Twitterline. For details of the experiments you should enter t-hoarder.

(The images offer the following interaction: with the mouse over the graph displayed the numerical values of the legend elements. To zoom, press the left mouse button and drag. To remove the zoom, double click).

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